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7 easy ideas to decorate a hostel room on a budget

As the name suggests, a hostel room is an open space where a student can stay for whatever purpose. Hostels are not only meant to provide living accommodation but it has become an important part of student life too. It allows them to meet other students from around the globe, share their experiences and learn from each other with common interests.

Decorating a hostel room is not an exciting job for most students. But it can be quite a tricky task if you don’t know what to do with the resources available in your hostel. You can use available materials like curtains and bed sheets to make your room look more cosy. The art of decorating a room depends on many factors: the budget you have, personal taste, type of hostel, and so on.

The hostel room is a place where many of the memories happen. With its comfy yet social vibe, cool decorations, and awesome lighting, it's the perfect place to knock back that college-packaged beer after a long day at work. But as with all things, decorating your hostel room can get expensive. So here are some hostel decoration tips:

  • Pictures on walls:

When it comes to decorating your room, there are two things that you really can't mess up on: getting the right picture and hanging it on the wall. Any experienced hostel user will tell you that self-expression and creativity are key to creating a positive atmosphere. If hung well, this can transform any plain hostel room into something spectacular in a matter of minutes!

  • Seating arrangement:

Hostel rooms are cramped, yes. But they're also cosy. One of the biggest problems that you face while at a hostel is the lack of seating arrangements. You have no space to put any extra furniture apart from your bed and study table. But there are a lot of ways in which you can make use of the lack of space and give yourself some breathing room in your tiny dorm room or apartment room.

  • Keep some plants:

If you want to bring some greenery into your room, but don't have any outdoor space where you can do so, then potted plants might be the thing for you. Potted plants are small plants that are placed indoors or outdoors with an artificial plant pot. Unlike their garden counterparts, these petite indoors can grow up to 4 feet high in a very small space and still require no light or watering.

  • Study Room:

The best way to increase the ambiance of your study room is to add a creative touch. You can bring in some beautiful candles and flowers as well as good-looking table lamps for lighting your study. Give it some creative touch by adding some furniture and accessories that are imaginative and stylish. You can also find some decorations like spoons, pencil holders, or decorative pens at the market (these will also add a personal touch).

  • Wall Art Memories:

If you love photography then turn your room into your private photo gallery. Transform your walls with the photo wall arts of your favorite memories or your best-clicked shots, in this way you could keep reliving any fond memory over and over again.

  • Huge Mirror:

A mirrored room will truly reflect your style. You can make an impressively large or small room look beautiful by putting some mirrors in it which reflect natural light directly on the walls of the room.

  • Bookshelf:

If you are a bookworm, there is no better place to be than your hostel room. The simple act of reading makes for quiet moments, and then sometimes more interesting ones. Install a bookshelf as they're pretty sturdy and have multiple uses – they can be used as shelves, as decorations (adding wrapping paper or paint), or simply stacked one on top of another to create a nice wall shelf.

Final Word:

When you live in a hostel, you always feel somewhat self-conscious about your area. You must take care of your room. Giving a personal touch to the hostel room or the dorm can give a great impact on the overall look of your accommodation. Make sure the colour schemes are cool and inviting, and that everything is clean, organised and well put together.

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