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Ever thought of an exciting hostel experience? Meet Ivy League House!

Moving out of your comfort place is essentially life changing yet significant. We understand how it affects the overall aspects of your life; and it might be befitting to say that the quality, the surroundings, the amenities and even the support provided, do matter a lot. Have you ever thought about a college experience being one of those that you dream to be the best of? Look no more because at Ivy League House, we aim to provide our students with a well-balanced experience of international living standards in India.

Starting out with the journey of finding your place and a new college in another city altogether, is an immensely significant experience you might go through as a student. Being the pioneers of premium student housing in India, we provide a wide array of complimentary activities to brew the perfectly balanced concoction of seriousness and fun.

Licence To Enliven Your Gravitas

With an astounding amount of fun activities to keep you up and going all through the day, Ivy League House brings to you the secret to maintaining the right balance between studies and frolic.

Opulent Interiors

When we say we are the premium student housing accommodation, we reinstate that we provide only the top-notch amenities of international standards, without any contingencies. We believe that the atmosphere around us affects us majorly. Hence, keeping that in mind we have laid immense focus on making the architecture of our accommodation best suited for students, eventually resulting in keeping them internally content and their spirits soaringly high. Our interiors keep us a step ahead, indeed!

Comfortable Lounges

Bringing you the comforts of cosy lounge access with high-speed wifi and power backup services, elegantly crafted open-air sky-desks await your arrival at Ivy League House. Enjoy your leisure time with a subtly designed terrace garden that soothes the soul. We highly doubt you’d find this experience at another place. Read, relax or rest - we have it covered for you.

Co-study Zones

Often in student life, there comes a need to gather up and brainstorm ideas for consistent progress and boost your morale with more social activities. We have the perfect solution exclusively addressed to help achieve this. Ivy League House welcomes you to the co-study and co-working zones. You could also help yourself to delicious meals or snacks freshly prepared with quality and hygiene to make your study sessions wholesome and fruitful.

Professional Housekeeping & Laundry Services

Subtracting the worries of keeping your laundry and maintenance up-to-date, we assist you with professionally functioning housekeeping and laundry utilities as per your requirements. If at all you need any assistance, our wardens for both boys and girls will always be there for any help you are looking for. What’s more? You also have the convenience of accessing the services through the ILH App.

Pastimes & Student Care

Discover and delight in the widest range of fun activities we have for you at ILH. To keep your mind stress-free and optimally functioning we bring to you the premium experience of Playstations, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Alfresco Dining as well as an A’la Carte Menu. We at ILH deeply understand the crucial significance of students’ mental and physical health. For serving that purpose we have a doctor on call and a Mental Health Specialist on call as well. With us, we assure your safety and well-being.

ILH takes pride in being at the forefront of providing the one and only sort of premium accommodation to students. Equipped with the best of staff and amenities, the complete process is designed creatively, for your convenience. Our trust lies with you, your parents and universities with regards to your security and overall development.First-rate amenities and grandeur-laden locations, covering all fundamental aspects of student life, beyond compare - such is the level that we begin functioning at. Make a smart move by choosing us for the education of your dreams! Get in touch with us at

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