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What Defines a Premium Hostel Experience?

As a student, finding the perfect hostel might be one of the most challenging yet essential whilst moving cities for education. Moreover, the place might not be the best option available too. As students, it is common to go with whatever options are available in the current moment. Amongst all of this dilemma, what if we tell you that there’s actually a way better alternative to this? A befitting solution to suit the best of both worlds of luxury and priority.

If you are in Pune, might we acquaint you with Ivy League House - a premium student accommodation that provides you with a quaint concoction of Gravitas and Levitas! The Ivy League House is a one of a kind destination for students - Freshmen, Sophomores and Seniors to enjoy an international standard student living experience. We also have parents covered with the most superlative security of their wards and where universities find a trusted partner for well-rounded living accommodation.

The Amalgamation of Happiness & Seriousness

The motto of Ivy League House being Gravitas et Levitas, which means ‘Serious about being happy, happy about being serious‘, is what we believe in. In today's world of fast-paced life and numerous things on one’s plate as a student, we understand the need for healthy, exemplary living for the mental and physical wellness of the minds of the future. We are determined to create the most trusted and well-established luxury student accommodation brand in India.

We offer curated living solutions for students in Pune in order to support them with the balance of fun and seriousness. With international and a wholesome environment we cater efficiently to the development of the students and their overall harmonious living experience as well.

Premium Student Housing Just Like Harvard & Yale

Recreational affluence coupled with world-class facilities such as professional housekeeping, cosy fireplace lounge, open-air sky desks, co-work, co-study zones, a sublime terrace garden and of course, instagrammable interiors. We are sure you would have a doubt while choosing us!

With all the above-mentioned amenities, we do have 24*7 security, CCTV surveillance, high-speed wifi, power backup and laundry services that are always readily available for students.

What’s more? Galore!

We undoubtedly understand and acknowledge that as students, recreational activities are so significant for a healthy state of mind and giving your best at academics as well. Believe us when we say we have these in plenty. Right from a PlayStation and OTT streaming room, Gym, Yoga and aerobics centre, Snooker, Table Tennis, Foosball to Football, Cricket and Basketball arenas, the list really does go on.

We have more things in store with an a la carte menu, alfresco and indoor dining areas. If you prefer to cook on your own, we’ve got you covered with self-cooking pantries. For students who prefer on the go food, we have buffets and vending machines with varieties of all sorts. You’ll never run out of fun things to do at Ivy League House!

Care to the Core

We highly value the good mental health of all our students and deem it our responsibility to provide them with the support they need. For the same, we have a mental health specialist, as well as a doctor-on-call for any time help is needed. Wardens will of course be present for boys and girls at all times. We assure you that as parents, you need not worry a bit about the security of your children.

All in all, we are sure that you won’t find a place as good as ours, for we sincerely have your bucks regarding all aspects of luxury student living accommodation. Ivy League House is the epitome of what a premium student living experience is all about!

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